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Time perhaps to take a break from the sea dragons. Think I'll crawl up
the Mesozoic beach to peer at the terrestrial critters - but only for
a couple of days worth of research, as they're not worthy of that much
attention (joke, folks).

OK, what's the case for *both* slim and box-skulled morphs amongst the
titanosaurs? I understand that both pencil and spatulate teeth have
now been found with titanosaurs, so while the _Antarctosaurus_
diplodocid-type skull has been referred to the Dicraeosauridae, is
there any slim-skulled material? Jacobs _et al._, in describing
cranial material of _Malawisaurus dixeyi_ (1993) - the premaxilla -
reckon the skull to be rounded, not box-like as I've seen in a few
restorations (I've actually lost the page that figures the skull
material, so am in a bit of a mess). By inference, this would be
predicted *if*, as McIntosh, some of the South American workers,
Sereno, and others are saying, titanosaurs _are_ brachiosaurs (so much
for Paul Upchurch 1994!).

So there you go. Any help with this very much appreciated.

Hey - those quartzite pebbles will make good ballast. Swallow - gulp -
gulp - clunk. Huff huff, swoosh, KEERRR-WASHHH. The twenty-ton body of
the swan-lizard pivoted about its wing-like forelimbs, and with a
final lurch, moved off the sloping beach toward the depths. Oh sorry,
must've been reading too much Bakker;)

"Somebody wake up Hicks"

"Don't be gone long Ellen"