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Nemegtosaurus: brach like skull?

Greetings, all,

I finally received my copy of the Gaia volume on Sauropod Paleobiology.  I
was impressed by Jorge O. Calvo's paper on sauropod jaw mechanics, and
especially with his interpretation of the skull of Nemegtosaurus (I know
this was discussed a few months ago).

Instead of filling in the eroded portion with a flat, Diplodocus-type skull,
he restored it after Brachiosaurus.  And it works.  It looks good.  I
flipped back and forth from pictures of Dicraeosaurus, Brachiosaurus,
Diplodocus, and Nemegtosaurus, and there are a lot of derived features
similar between Nemegtosaurus (and Quaesitosaurus) and Brachiosaurus.

If you are bored and have a xerox machine, xerox pictures of the skulls of
sauropods, and cut off the parts missing in Nemegtosaurus.

Wow.  Now, that still doesn't mean that Nemegtosaurus is the skull of
Opisthocoelicaudia, or that Nemegtosaurus is a titanosaurid, or that
titanosaurids are the sister taxon of brachiosaurids, but it sure is


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