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dino ency

Hi gang

I've recently receive my copy of the "Dinosaur Encyclopaedia" (aussie
spelling) from Graeme Worth and I'd like to pass on that it is well worth the
$20 or so that it cost me. Also I had some problems withit when I first
received it and I got rapid and useful help from Graeme and got the thing
working. That's more than I can say for several US products lately. Whoops
that's another email. I'm pretty sure that one can also add notes and other
wise edit the text and or graphics if you have more or better info to
include. I haven't done this yet so i'm not 100% sure.

On another front I received a fibre glass cast of a T. rex (Martin Lockley
showed it as it was found by Charles Pillmore of the US Geo Surv in New
Mexico.) It is 34 inches long and all I can say is wow!!! That's one really
big foot. Seems bigger than what I saw in JP and bigger than the saurpod
prints from Texas. That is the first time I have really taken in how big
these guys really are. That's including all the museums I have been to. 

really impressed 
paul sparks