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First off, super-thanks to Tracy for posting the South American fauna
report.  Absolutely amazing stuff! As an aside, the giant Permian
spider that Tracy mentions is alluded to in a report on 'South
American giants' in 'Discover' of some time back: Coria speculated
that South America has some kind of gigantism- generating 'thing',
hence the 100-ton sauropods, _Giganotosaurus_, 'giant spiders' (at the
time I thought he was thinking of modern bird-eating tarantulas) and
'an 8-ft long lungfish'.

This ain't no hang-out for ichthyologists, but does anybody know more
of the latter find? Giant lungfishes have similarly been reported from
the Morrison, and in fact Pat Redman's Morrison diorama (Bakkerian
supervision?) has a big one about to eat an unfortunate _Drinker_ (see
Psihoyos book). Bakker, Seigwarth, Filla and Redman (_Hunteria_ that
describes _Drinker_ and other scrappy taxa) describe Morrison
lungfishes, but do not refer to any material from 'giants' (though
I'll have to check again). If anyone can help with this, do please let
me know. Other fishies currently worthy of interest are the Campanian
coelacanth _Megalocoelacanthus dobei_, _Leedsichthys_ and that darned
late Cret filter- feeding shark from Kansas. If only I could find a
ref for that one! Yes, we are marine again and exploring links,
however tenuous, with the marine reptiles.  Just don't ask me what I'm
trying to do.

Judy Massare's equations are giving me a headache.

"What's your unfinished business?"
"What do you mean... 'unfinished business'?"