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Re: Play

Gordon G wrote:

> > > Interesting thought!  Eventhough I accept the notion of endothermic or
> > > homeothermic dinosaurs [...]
> This isn't a big deal but I thought the term "endothermic" was
> outdated, is it now "homeothermic"? I'm not trying to be a
> perfectionist i'm just wondering. -t mex

No, they mean different things - endothermic = heat from within 
ectothermic = heat from without. Homeothermic = constant temperature.

Endothermic homeothermy and ectothermic homeothermy are (arguably)
both possible.

Warm-blooded and cold-blooded are outdated terms, or should be,
because they are meaningless and/or misleading.

Tony Canning