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Re: Play

Gordon G wrote:

 > This isn't a big deal but I thought the term "endothermic" was
 > outdated, is it now "homeothermic"? I'm not trying to be a
 > perfectionist i'm just wondering. -t mex

There are two sets of terms, both being useful in different

First there is the endothermic versus ectothermic pair.  These terms
refer to the *mechanism* of thermal regulation.

The second pair of terms is homeothermic versus poikilothermic. These
terms refer to the effectiveness or completeness of the thermal

The two sets are NOT equivalent.

There are animals that are ectothermic homeotherms and one could
argue that animals like bats are endothermic poikilotherms.

There is good reason to suspect that the sauropods may have been
ectothermic homeotherms of a special sort - mass homeotherms.

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