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ScienceScan note

 From ScienceScan:

The Morrison Formation Research Institute has an online web 
site which describes the study of its named rock formation. 
The Morrison Formation is one of the most important 
windows earth scientists have onto the world of the dinosaurs 
and the terrestrial ecosystem they lived in. It has an areal 
extent of some 700,000 square miles, but much of that is 
buried beneath other rock layers. It is world renowned for 
rich concentrations of dinosaur fossils, with over 100 
dinosaur quarries identified to date and new localities 
continuing to be discovered. In addition, the formation also 
contains fossil of the diverse plant and animal communities 
that were contemporaries of the dinosaurs.

Go to  http://yuma.colostate.edu/~cwis70/morrison.html to 
find out more about this Jurassic rock unit.