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another great modelling compound

Since there seem to be a lot of dino artists (and wannabes, like me)
on this list, here's a review of a modeling compound I just tried:

Model Magic is a lightweight, air-drying modeling compound.  It has a
sort of spongy texture, stores in a resealable bag, and is soft enough
to work easily, right out of the bag.  It is lightweight enough that
it doesn't deform much from its own weight, so there's less need for
building armatures.  As the package says, "There is no messy mixing
and it won't stick to skin or most clothing.  Air dries in 24 hours to
a firm but flexible consistency with no shrinkage, similar to a foam
cup."  It can be painted with acrylic paints once dry, and the package
says it can be sanded with an emery board (though I haven't tried that
yet.)  It dries to an ivory colour.  It is certified nontoxic.  A
4-oz. bag contains a blob about 3x7x15 cm (about 15 cu.in.), and my
local art store charged $5.95 Cdn (probably about $4? US) per package. 
It's by Binney & Smith of Easton, PA, USA.

Enough cold facts--this stuff is FABULOUS!  Try it, you'll love it.  I
bought one bag to try, because the guy at the store recommended it,
and went back two days later and literally bought all the rest of
their stock.  It has all the other fake clays beat hollow, IMHO.