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Re: Dino Book

From: Janet Benoit <jebenoit@selkirk.csrv.nidc.edu>

 > The book Evolution and Extinction of the Dinosaurs by David E. Fastovsky 
 > and David B Weishampel.  Are the theories given in this book generally 
 > accepted? 

It is quite good, and fairly detailed.  More so than most popular books,
less so than _The Dinosauria_.

My main complaint is that they are use a pure cladistic approach :-)

 > Does anyone know of the credential of the authors?

They are two of the worlds leading experts on dinosaurs.
[They both contributed substantially to _The Dinosauria_].

 >  Being new 
 > at this I would like generally accepted information instead of off the 
 > wall theories.  TIA.  8-)

They of course present their own viewpoint - but they usually at
least mention others.  And they generally present the best information
available to them.

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