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Re: Dino Book

In a message dated 96-07-18 19:50:35 EDT, jebenoit@selkirk.csrv.nidc.edu
(Janet Benoit) writes:

> The book Evolution and Extinction of the Dinosaurs by David
> E. Fastovsky and David B Weishampel.  Are the theories given in this
> book generally accepted?  Does anyone know of the credential of the
> authors?  Being new at this I would like generally accepted
> information instead of off the wall theories.  TIA.  8-)

Fastovsky & Weishampel are among the most highly regarded
dinosaurologists in the world. Almost by definition, what's in their
book is the "generally accepted" viewpoint. In cases where controversy
exists, they generally avoid taking a stand and carefully present the
opposing arguments. This is fitting and proper for a textbook such as

Remember, however, that "general acceptance" is by no means a
guarantee of truth; cynics such as myself might even maintain that
"general acceptance" automatically guarantees _untruth_. Be sure to
read papers at the cutting edge of dinosaurology as well as the
textbooks. The field is advancing rapidly in many areas, and some of
what is reported in their textbook now could well turn upside-down
during the next decade.