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Re: Info needed: Coracoid

In a message dated 96-07-18 18:36:59 EDT, tiger@arn.net (Leanna M. Cole)

> Can someone provide me with a definition of a "coracoid bone" that is:
> (a) in english
> and
> (b) ten words or less?

Probably not.

The coracoid is the semicircular bone attached to the front of the scapula.
Together with the scapula, it forms the pocket (glenoid) wherein the forelimb
inserts. Along with the breastbone (sternum), it helps to define a dinosaur's
> The dictionary said:
> "beak-shaped bone articularing with the scapula and sterum" but
> (after my eyes un-glazed) that didn't tell me what this thing IS.
> It's not the collar-bone, right? since that's the clavicle?

The dictionary doesn't tell you what the coracoid is in dinosaurs,
only what it looks like in the human skeleton.

Clavicles are unknown in most dinosaurs, either because they are
seldom preserved or simply because they really were absent as
shoulder-girdle bones.  Of those few dinosaurs known to have
clavicles, most are phytodinosaurs; one or two theropods (ceratosaurs,
in all cases, I believe) apparently had clavicles, too. The wishbone,
or furcula, of theropods and birds is generally considered to be the
left and right clavicle fused together along the middle of the chest.