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Carcharodontosaurus speculations?

Carcharodontosaurusa seems to me at least, from cursory observation of
published photos, to be an advanced ACRO-like Allosaur, which has developed
a unique tooth arangement to give an effectively equivalent (but
technically different) type of crippling bite to that of a Tyrannosaur.
Skull length seems to be almost exactly that of T. rex, being slightly
larger than that of the largest known complete T. rex, but slightly smaller
than the extrapolated size of the Berkely Maxilla animal.  Certainly the
skull looks nowhere near as powerful as that of an equivalent sized T. rex.
The lower jaw is not nearly to the same proportion vis a vi the rest of
the skull and the teeth are significantly smaller.  Afrovenator seems to be
a smaller, less derived, more "typically" allosaurian, possible relative
(?) of Carcharodontosaurus.

Any thoughts from any real experts (or other interested parties) on
this matter?

Seth A. Ellestad ("Aardwolf").