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Re: Pack hunting

 > I hear that Ostrom has a more recent paper that is supposed to prove
 > pack hunting. Anyone have the low-down and where it was published?
 > -Sherry
 > [I don't remember anybody mentioning this before either, but I found
 >  it -- MR:

This is indeed probably the article refered to.

 >  Author(s): MAXWELL WD; OSTROM JH
 >  Source:    JOURNAL OF VERTEBRATE PALEONTOLOGY V0015 N4 DEC 1995 pp. 707-
 >               712. 

As I remember the article it actually describes several separate
Tenontosaurus finds, *all* of which have associated Deinonychus
teeth.  Also, there were usually more D. teeth than could reasonably
be shed by one or two D.'s in one feeding (at least if they were
to maintain a roughly constant number of teeth).

This would indicate that they at least *ate* en mass.

If I remember right there was one T. with at least one D. skeleton
associated, in a manner that suggest it died while trying to kill
the T.  And since the T. did in fact get killed and eaten (tooth marks,
missing bones, and shed D. teeth), other D. were apparently present.

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