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Re: Ohh, do I hate to do this! (JP)

On Mon, 22 Jul 1996, Jay Reynolds Freeman wrote:

>     4)  There is no evidence that the "spitter" spat poison.  I believe
> this behavior is lifted from the modern "spitting cobra".  _Dilophosaurus_
> was in fact a much larger creature, that would tower over a human being.

   As I understand it, _Dilophosaurus_ has a strange upper jaw morphology 
reminiscent of vipers.  It was suggested by paleontologists long before 
the book/movie that _Dilophosaurus_ was poisonous and could have been a 

>     6)  Who in his or her right mind would design a security system that
> opens all the gates and things when the power goes down?  We don't have
> escapes in zoos and theme parks every time there is a brownout.

   As I understand it, Nedry ordered the gates and locks to open in his 
nasty little mystery program.

>     One thing that was perhaps actually well done was the velociraptor
> behavior.  As I mentioned above, the velociraptor motivation was perhaps
> unexplained, but I don't think we saw velociraptors do anything that modern
> social predators, such as lions, don't do, and that includes opening doors.

   Dogs can open doors too, if properly trained.  Who trained the 
"Deinonychoraptors" to open doors?  Sounds to me like a pretty stupid 
thing to do....

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