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New Era of Paleontology!


Soon it will be possible to travel back to the Mesozoic and do traditional
field study. Actually, it is possible right now. I'm not sure how many of
you have heard, but through a technique called Scientific Remote Viewing
(SRV) data can be gathered by a remote viewer at any target in space or
time. The technique was originally developed by the U.S. military during
the heighth of the Cold War using psychic warfare as a means of
intelligence gathering. The technique has since been perfected and is now
making its way into other areas of inquiry. There is currently a book
called Cosmic Voyage by Courtney Brown, Phd, professor at Emory University
that details the scientific process of remote viewing and its verifiable,
replicable results. The book is also about how a team led by Dr. Brown has
used SRV to uncover the mystery behind the UFO phenomenon and confirm the
existence of Extraterrestrials. He is also the founder of an institute
called the Farsight Institute which trains any individual interested in
learning and using the techniques of SRV. Obviously, this should be a great
tool for Paleontology. This is not a joke. This is not psuedo-science.

S.S. Lazarus