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Shameless self-promotion, Chapter 10

Without taking anything away from the new Fastovsky/Weishampel
dinosaur book (which I like a LOT--well, the text at least--the art
leaves me a bit underwhelmed), let me take this self-serving
opportunity to remind folks in ether-land about yet another dinosaur
book that I HOPE will be published sometime next year:

  J.O. Farlow and M. Brett-Surman (editors).  Dinosaurs: Fearfully Great
  Reptiles.  Indiana University Press.

This book isn't so much a text (although we won't be disappointed if
it is used as such) as a semi-popular work for the serious dinosaur
fan.  Think of a less technical version of The Dinosauria, with a
heavy emphasis on paleobiology and the history of dinosaur studies.
Each chapter is written by an expert(s) on the topic in question; the
names of authors will be well known to readers of this list.  If there
is sufficient interest, I could post the current table of contents as
a future message.
     Much of my summer, which in an ideal world would be devoted to
bringing my studies of dinosaur and bird feet and footprints closer to
completion, is instead going into editing this book.  I'm sure
Dr. Mikey would have much the same complaint to make.  But I finally
see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel (with hope that it
isn't yet another on-coming train), and I'm getting excited about what
this book is going to be like.
     An incomplete list of authors contributing to the book includes:
R. McN.  Alexander, Dr. Mikey himself, W.A.S. Sarjeant, M. Benton,
K. Carpenter, R. Chapman, K. Chin, E. H. Colbert, P. Currie,
P. Dodson, yours truly, C. Forster, P. Galton, D. Gillette, D. Glut,
T. Holtz, D. Henderson, K. Hirsch (sadly, deceased), M. Lockley,
T. Maryanska, R. Molnar, F. Paladino, R. Barrick, M. Parrish,
R.E.H. Reid, B. Rothschild, J. Ruben, D.A. Russell, J. Bonaparte,
S. Sampson, D. Zelenitsky, M. Schweitzer, H. Sues, B. Tiffney,
H. Torrens, J. McIntosh, and J. Vanheerden.  Topics covered include
little-known dirt about how Owen came to name the Dinosauria, anatomy
and classification, engineering dinosaurs, a multi-faceted debate
about the ever-endothermic topic of dinosaur physiology, lots about
biogeography, dinosaur-plant interactions, dinosaur injuries and
diseases, preservation of organic biomolecules in dinosaur bone, dino
do-do, much ado about ichnology, the relative merits of cladistic and
traditional classifications, dinosaur growth processes, Mesozoic sex,
and dinosaur eggs.  There will even be chapters about the construction
of dinosaur exhibits in museums, the thought processes involved in
doing dinosaur restorations, and a review of dinosaurs in the media.
Something for everyone!
     There will be a lot of new artwork published in this book, some
of it in print here (at least in the U.S.) for the first time, with
stuff by T.  Ford, M. Hallett, B. Franczak, B. Krzic, M. Skrepnick,
G. Paul (including what I think is the best thing Greg has ever done,
by far), and J. Whitcraft.
     We are presently putting the chapters into their final IU Press
format, making last minute revisions to make them up to date as
possible, etc.  We hope to put the ms to bed by Fall, and would like
for the book to appear next Spring.  But there's still much work to
do, and I'd better get back to it.  I'll tell you more about
publication dates as things develop.