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Re: Ohh, do I hate to do this! (JP)

Jeff Poling wrote:

> Jay Reynolds Freeman wrote:

> >     4)  There is no evidence that the "spitter" spat poison.  I believe
> > this behavior is lifted from the modern "spitting cobra".  _Dilophosaurus_
> > was in fact a much larger creature, that would tower over a human being.
>    As I understand it, _Dilophosaurus_ has a strange upper jaw morphology 
> reminiscent of vipers.  It was suggested by paleontologists long before 
> the book/movie that _Dilophosaurus_ was poisonous and could have been a 
> spitter.

I heard this was a joke or a non-serious suggestion for the lower jaw at
a SVP meeting. Someone misunderstood and published it as a new theory.
After further review, the jaw now is thought not to be as weak.

Besides, Diloph. doesn't have any tooth variations (hollow or grooved
teeth) that would act as poision delivery system. If it used posion, why
those normal theropod teeth?

I teach a class for school kids that runs about 20 minutes long about JP.
I mention:

1) Spitting
2) The size and frill of Diloph.
3) Size of the 'raptors 
4) Dinosaur intelligence

I use JP toys and paleo-correct drawings as props.