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Re: New Era of Paleontology!

This is a general response to all who believe I've lost my mind in
reporting the new science of Scientific Remote Viewing (SRV) and its
application to Paleontology.

1) I am only reporting on this discovery. I cannot explain your point by
point questions on the technique. I have simply come across Dr. Courtney
Brown's work and read its basic claims.

2) I am fully aware of how bizarre this sounds. Dr. Brown is fully aware of
how the slowly adapting Scientific Community is likely to react. I would
encourage everyone to take a look at his work and judge for yourself. As he
states, SRV is not a matter of belief, but a scientifically verifiable
technique developed using real targets in the present time with blind
studies, corroboration of multiple viewers and replicable results. It was
subsequently discovered that SRV could be practiced over time as well as

3) If SRV is indeed a fact, then our world view is obviously radically
altered and as it applies to the interests of this group, Paleontology has
a means of fulfilling its purpose to the fullest.

4) If I was hearing of this for the first time, my reaction would have been
the same as many, perhaps, all of you. Particularly the "Dr. Emmitt Brown
and his Flux-Capacitor" remark. That was cute. However, I assure you that
Courtney Brown, Phd, is quite serious and at the risk of utter gullibility
I am taking him at his word on the oft chance that I may get to view a
Charcharodontosaurus, Deltadromeus, T-Rex, Utahraptor, Mononykus, etc.

5) I am officially volunteering to go to Dr. Brown's Farsight Institute in
Atlanta and be trained in SRV for this purpose. I don't know when I'll be
able to fit this into my life but it will be sometime soon. If there's a
reality to SRV I will surely let you all know and then you can make up your
minds if you'd like to also view the Mesozoic.

Once again, his book is Cosmic Voyage by Dr. Courtney Brown, Phd.

There is also a web-site for the Farsight Institute at:

Sincerely, S.S. Lazarus