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Re: J.P. the ride

Rik Hill wrote:

> Those who are analyzing Jurassic Park are looking for a documentary
> in a storybook. It's like Independance Day, check your brain at the
> door, enjoy the special effects and go along for the ride. People
> here are tearing I.D. apart too. But what's the point? It's only
> a movie with no more factual content than any other Sci-Fi, JFK,
> Forrest Gump...or the evening new for that matter!  -Rik

The problem is that the realistic effects fool people into thinking that
"facts" are presented. JP was wild; every dinosaur nut must have had a
special thrill watching it. Of course, JP also brought in countless $$$
for museums and dino science through exhibits (like the Dino Society's) and
increased interest.

HOWEVER, every kid now thinks our Deinochycus is a "raptor". Some don't
even believe me when I tell them the real size of those so-called raptors!
If you teach kids (and even parents) you spend a bit of time trying to
undo the images of blind T-rexes and spitting 2' Dilophs.

-Sherry (need to add dino names to my spell checker!)