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Re: rearing browsers

Here are the facts on dinosaur fore-aft balance -

ALL dinosaurs bore the majority of their weight on their hindlimbs. How do we
know? Simple. In every dinosaur the femur is thicker shafter than the
humerus. Likewise, the lower leg and foot bones are more heavily built on the
hindlimb than the fore. This is even true of big headed ceratopsians, and
long armed brachiosaurs. In contrast, many mammals (elephants and horses
among them) bear most of their weight on the forelimbs, which are stronger
boned than the hind. (Models cannot tell us much about weight distribution
because it cannot be restored accuratley enough). Why are all dinosaurs
hindlimb dominant? Simple. They all have big tails that load the hindlimbs.
Even ceratopsians and brachiosaurs are much bigger tailed than most
quadrupedal mammals. 

What does this mean? Simple. All dinosaurs - that's ALL DINOSAURS - could
rear up more easily than elephants and horses, which do rear up in the wild.
Some quadrupedal dinosaurs were better adapted for rearing than others, but
even ceratopsians may have stood up like a bear to intimidate opponents
before charging. 

Of course, I have said this in print more than once, but no one ever listens.