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Re: New Era of Paleontology!

Steven Lazarus wrote:

> 4) If I was hearing of this for the first time, my reaction would have been
> the same as many, perhaps, all of you. Particularly the "Dr. Emmitt Brown
> and his Flux-Capacitor" remark. That was cute. However, I assure you that
> Courtney Brown, Phd, is quite serious and at the risk of utter gullibility
> I am taking him at his word on the oft chance that I may get to view a
> Charcharodontosaurus, Deltadromeus, T-Rex, Utahraptor, Mononykus, etc.

But would you really want to? I like them dead, personally. We would lose
all the fun of "armchair paleontology", and all the wonderful speculations
and theories. Do I like finding facts? Oh, yes! But I also love telling a
kid that they can color Stegos with any crayon they like because we don't
know exactly what they looked like and even less how they behaved! 

Part of the curse and blessing of paleontology are the wonderful debates
and speculations. Facts uncover themselves slowly, if at all-just like the
bones themselves. It's cheating to zap over in a time machine with a
camera. I'd rather bonk heads, colaborate, read and find out the hard (and
fun) way. What else do you expect from people who think chain-gang work is
a great way to earn a living? :) Nope, if they ever figure out how to move
in time, keep what you see to yourself! I don't want to know! :)