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Re: Ohh, do I hate to do this! (JP)

Jay Reynolds Freeman wrote:

>    3) _T._rex_ almost certainly had far better sensory apparatus
>than depicted.  If it's incapable of detecting a stationary human
>being right under its nose, then it's likely not capable of finding
>its own freshly-killed prey -- it knocks down the prey, then as soon
>as the critter is dead and stationary, _T._rex_ cannot see it.

The _T._rex_ was probably too fast. Running at that speed (as fast as an
car) would be very dangerous for an animal like this. If it would stumble,
its small arms wouldn't be able to catch the fall. Consequences would
be catastrophal: broken headbones, broken arms or legs, that majestic,
gigantic predator would be a pile of trash.
So it definitly moved at a much slower speed, so that an human like
Dr. Malcolm could easy outmanoeuver it.

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