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Re: JP and Falling T-Rex (Take 3?)

Stan Friesen wrote:

> Of course the question of whether a T.rex would even *bother* with
> trying to catch such a small mouthful as a human becomes relevent
> here. [How often do wolves eat mice?]
> swf@elsegundoca.ncr.com               sarima@ix.netcom.com

Wolves and other members of the dog familiy eat small rodents pretty
often, but I'm splitting hares.

I think if we were easy meat, we'd be human McNuggets. It would depend on
how much energy would be expended to catch us compared to how much T-rex
would gain for eating us. Hardly any effort for a little bit more energy
would be a benefit. I suppose the amount of other foodstuffs available
would also factor in.

-Sherry Michael