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Jurassic Park

First of all, I'd like to say thanks to everyone who took time from their
busy schedules to write to me for my speech.  It's tomorrow, and hopefully
everything will go well!

Secondly, I noticed that no one mentioned, nor has anyone ever that I've
seen, noted one of the things that really drives me up the wall.  In the
first Montana scene, they're uncovering the Velociraptor (or whatever) and
they're merely brushing the sand away.  Wouldn't require a little more
effort to uncover a find? Granted, if they, or someone else had uncovered it
first and either left it, or a big wind storm came along, then it would get
covered like that.  But usually it requires a little more.  Now if I'm
wrong, say so, I've (1) never been to Montana and (2) never been on a dig.
So if I am completely wrong, feel free to take me aside and say "Jeez,
Sabrina!  You have no clue what you're talking about, just shut up before
somebody notices!!"  Comments?  Inquires?  Anyone want to travel back in
time to when they made the movie and find out?  Anybody been watching a few
too many "Sightings" episodes?  Sure, Jonathan Frakes is cute, but come
on... ok, ok... off the point....  :)

[ I'm about to head home for the night, so please send a copy of any
  responses directly to Sabrina.  Thanks, -- MR ]


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