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Re: Jurassic Park

Sabrina Cox wrote:

> Secondly, I noticed that no one mentioned, nor has anyone ever that I've
> seen, noted one of the things that really drives me up the wall.  In the
> first Montana scene, they're uncovering the Velociraptor (or whatever) and
> they're merely brushing the sand away.  Wouldn't require a little more
> effort to uncover a find?

You are correct. Actually, just coming back from my first dig, you cannot
really understand how much work it takes. I was prepared too (or so I
thought) to do hard work! Geez!

The raptor they are digging is also really fake looking. You figure with
the effects budget they had they could have made it look less like a
plastic dino slab covered with dirt. Also, don't you just love how it is
in perfect shape? No cracks, no missing bones (or even missing teeth!).
We only wish this site was real! :)

-Sherry Michael