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JP defending

Rik I totally agree with you about people trying to find all these
mistakes in Jurassic Park.  If you want accurate go watch a documentary.
I've been lurking for quite a while and I get very upset when this topic
arises.  Jp is the most accurate dino flick to date.  May-be the next
one's will be better, but ou people will probably pick those apart too.
Like Rik said it's just a sci fi movie relax and enjoy it.  Who cares if
some of the dinos were full grown so fast.  They tired to make it right by
getting Horner to help them.  I think that's a great step!  Some may not
agree with his views so no one will ever be happy so just enjoy this as a
movie and not a documentary.  How many of you got into paleo because of
some inacurate flick like King Kong that was so cool you wanted more  so
you bought the toys and wanted more and there wasn't more so you turned to
the books.  Sheesh my English teacher would kill me for that.  When these
kids get older they probably if theya re interested enough will find the

I am a major Jp nut so much that my car's licence says Raptor (the word
some of you consider a four letter word.)  And I'll admit it wasn't JP
that got me into dinos, it was a video game called Primal Rage, now that's
a real inaccurate game but it rules!  Then I got into Jp then the science.
One thing I want to say about the comment some one made about the raptors
(ooh there's that word) getting full on the cow.  A whole day passed I'm
sure they were quite hungry by the next day.  Please lets end this thread,
and if not some of you other Jp fans help me out here.  I feel like I'm
the only one.  I need to get this off my chest.

Bite Is Might


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