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Defending JP

Yes perhaps the firll was a bit much, but other than that just sit back
and enjoy a good film.  Can you imagine Star Wars with out sound?!?  In
the space sceans that is?  Come one man.  A lot of people knw that,
especially with the moto form Alien.  Still the public loved Star Wars
just like they loved JP.  I heard some one on this list say that for the
sequel they are tirng to be more accurate.  I guess they heard you.  And
like I said before you'll probably have fun tearing that appart as well
too.  Relax People!!!  I thought paleontology was about a bunch of kids
who never grew up.  Do you guys still know how to have fun and not analize
every minute detail.  I look forward to Lost World.  I've known about it
even before the book was out.  Doesn't anyone else out there agree with
me???  Can we point out the good things like the fx at that time, the
beautiful sceanery, and the music?!?  Oh, the music.  I can play it piano
and violin and will never get sick of it.  Scary thought.  I'm a JP nut
and I work at a major museum in Florida.  OOOHHH..

Bite is might

The raptor  (there's that word again)

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    \    knock you to the floor,                          / /_ "~o\  :Y   \
    /    the ground starts shaking,                      / : \~x.  ` ')   /
    \    the earth starts quaking."                        |  Y< ~-.__j   \
    /   -From the CD All The Rage-                       : l  l<  /.-~    /
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