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Re: JP defending

Raptor wrote:

> I've been lurking for quite a while and I get very upset when this topic
> arises.  Jp is the most accurate dino flick to date. 

It was fun movie stuff.  The effects were top-knotch.  Other than
that-like was said at the time-it was JAWS with dinosaurs instead of
sharks.  Pretty dinosaurs, but most noteably HOLLYWOOD dinosaurs.  You
know, actors in suits, motor-driven robots, and CG effects laid on top
of everything else.  Fun and pretty.  But science?  More like
  Valley of the Gwangii was probably as accurate, if you balance the
problems of JP against the problems of VoftheG.  I liked the Eohippus
(now something else entirely)

>  And I'll admit it wasn't JP that got me into dinos, it was a video
> game called Primal Rage, now that's a real inaccurate game but it
> rules!

I can think of more noble ways to become interested in dinosaurs.
They weren't even pretty.  (hair, we're talking dinosaurs with hair!)

-Betty Cunningham
(animator for SEGA)