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Re: Defending JP

Raptor <rganuza@luna.cas.usf.edu> writes:

> Rik I totally agree with you about people trying to find all
> these mistakes in Jurassic Park.  If you want accurate go watch
> a documentary.  I've been lurking for quite a while and I get
> very upset when this topic arises.
> I feel like I'm the only one.  I need to get this off my chest.

*laughs*  No, I understand where you're coming from.  I'm here
because it's called the "Dinosaur" mailing list and not the
"Paleontology" mailing list.  My interest in paleontology is
sort of like my interest in astronomy... the confusing technical
details of the field are of passing interest to me and are best
left to the real scientists anyway.  I mostly just like the
"romance" of the field, and I enjoy a little goofy speculation.

I don't really blame any paleontologists for wanting to nit-pick
Jurassic Park.  I often get the same way over how computers are
represented in movies (including JP), but then that's my field.
The average joe is just looking for a gee-whiz good time at a
movie like this anyway and not a science lesson.  And, to their
credit, for every "lie" they planted old one was probably put to
rest.  Have you seen a T.Rex dragging its tail since JP came
out?  ;)

I enjoyed JP.  I enjoyed Raptor Red.  My monitor is decorated
with Primal Rage action figures.  But I understand the difference
between real science and inane fun.  Folks shouldn't get their
underwear tied in knots over this stuff.

-- Phil