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JP debate

rganuza@luna.cas.usf.edu (or raptor) is right. Maybe the movie isn't
completely accurate, but it is good science fiction. And science
fiction doesn't always mean good science now. Look at the
velociraptors in JP. When Speilberg and co called Bob Bakker and
said they wanted to create a big velociraptor but one hadn't
actually been found, Bakker said go ahead who knows what will find
next? Guess what?  Shortly thereafter Utahraptor was
found. Therefore you can't predict where science fiction will run
ahead of and anticipate science fact.
But the most important part is that JP was good fun. Let's face
it. No one has addressed the basic issue of cloning dinosaurs out of
fossil DNA in the first place--hardly science fact--yet. But does
the fact that it can't be done now, and probably shouldn't be done
ever, really spoil our enjoyment of the movie? Absolutely not!
If JP and Lost World get more people interested in dinosaurs then
that's great. Because the more people who are interested, the more
funding there will be for research and field work, the more
volunteers there will be for field work, etc. I say keep 'em coming.
So pass the popcorn and let me watch Sam Neill listen to that
Triceratops breathe while Laura Dern sticks her hand in dino
dung. What a great way to spend a rainy evening!