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Re: Ohh, do I hate to do this! (JP)

Jeff Poling wrote (quoting Jay Freeman):

>>     One thing that was perhaps actually well done was the velociraptor
>> behavior.  As I mentioned above, the velociraptor motivation was perhaps
>> unexplained, but I don't think we saw velociraptors do anything that modern
>> social predators, such as lions, don't do, and that includes opening doors.
>   Dogs can open doors too, if properly trained.  Who trained the 
>"Deinonychoraptors" to open doors?  Sounds to me like a pretty stupid 
>thing to do....

perhaps they learned doors by watching people do it a few times. surely this
learn-by-watch technique is demonstrated by some modern animal. the only
example that comes to mind came from some show on Discovery channel, where a
pet chimp undid its clever-yet-weak cage lock (after watching the owner do
it an untold many times), got out of the cage, set a pet bird free as well
and tossed a lamp into a fish tank. then again, the whole dino intelligence
thing comes into play......
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