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Nouvelle ere de la Paleontologie - Non!

Dear fellow PaleoRealists,

In the spirit of debunking psuedopaleontology on this board - as per our
gallant albeit rather futile campaign against The Mysterious Origins of Man -
I beg your indulgence to put to final and much needed rest the nonsense
concerning travel to dinosaur times (posted by S. Lazarus) proposed by C
EXTRATERRESTRIALS VISITING EARTH. I'm not about to waste my time actually
reading the thing. Robert A Baker (not to be confused with Robert T. Bakker)
was kind enough to do the deed,  his review is in the latest SKEPTICAL BRIEFS
(June 96) published by the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of
Claims of the Paranormal, which is the source for the following. 

Dr Brown is not a scientist, but perhaps he is confused because he is a
political scientist at Emory University. In any case, this helps explain
Brown's acceptance of the belief by fellow nonscientist J Mack, Harvard
psychiatrist, who actually thinks his distraught patients really and truly
are being abducted by aliens who want our precious DNA. 

Brown says that aliens helped write some Star Trek episodes. 

You see, Martians and other aliens called Greys are already here living among
us. If only we would start working with these extraterrestrial folks we could
learn wonderful things (like how to write those bad ST episodes). 

Of course, there is a secret Martian underground base in New Mexico. Must be
true, seeing as how it is in the good Dr. Brown's book. 

Why are the Martians here and not there these days? Way back when dinosaurs
still ruled the Earth, Brown has observed (with mental time travel) that the
Martian civilization was at its height. Seems things went down hill from
those wonderful extraterestrial days. Please excuse me while I stop to wipe
the tear from my eye (no joke, I'm laughing while I write this).  

Brown's "Scientific Remote Viewing" employs wisdom gathered from the work of
Maharishi Yogi, the Transcendental Meditation-Sidhi program and the Akashic
Record. Now, if you do not live in CA and are a tad skeptical, don't be
because SRV was developed by the CIA in its now (in)famous program to spy of
the ex-USSR via mental powers (to think of all that money wasted on spy
satellites that could actually see what those pesky commies were up to). That
magicians can fool scientists into thinking they are achieving remote viewing
is, of course, of no matter.

Brown's book includes conversations with Jesus and Buddha. Just think what
they can tell us about why dinosaurs went extinct! (Maybe more than L
Alvarez, whom according to many accounts was as arrogant as a god.)

I could go on, but why bother? 

Well, one more thing that a savvy Canadian has just informed me about. The
reason Dr Brown in all his beneficence is bringing us his great knowledge.
Seems a week or two course he is offering on his methods costs something like
$4000.00. Surely a pittance for acquiring the ability to travel across space
and time at will! Now let's see. If he can get 50 sucke....err, students to
lay down 4000 smackers, and sell 100,000 books and get a buck for
each.......yep, we're talking Lexus. 

Why do we not all employ some common sense, and instead of further discussing
this non-issue on this board let it die the death it so richly deserves? As
for our Lazarus Man's proposed journey to dinosaur times, will he report back
to us? Perhaps, but if he does I will be making a visit to the Great Salt
Lake. (SVP meeting will be held in SLC Utah in a couple of years. Very nice
region, my mother's side of the family is from there. Still living
grandmother was born in central Utah the same year UT native Butch Cassidy
high tailed it for Bolivia. When you think about it, C. Brown is a modern day
version of Butch, just more subtle in his ways. For that matter so were/are
Joseph Smith, the Pope, Ron L. Hubbard, and Pat Robertson, but that is
another subject for another time and another place.)