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Re: Ohh, do I hate to do this! (JP)

At 10:47 AM 7/22/96 -0400, Jay Freeman wrote:
>    2)  The park was evidently very new, not even completely finished, yet
>it contained adult species of creatures which quite likely took many years,
>perhaps many decades, to attain that size.  How'd they get so big so fast?

there's an exuse for this. if you've read 'The Lost World' (Jurrasic Park 2)
you'd know that the creatures were bred/raised elsewhere, then brought to
Jurassic Park for display.

>    3)  _T._rex_ almost certainly had far better sensory apparatus than
>depicted.  If it's incapable of detecting a stationary human being right
>under its nose, then it's likely not capable of finding its own freshly-killed
>prey -- it knocks down the prey, then as soon as the critter is dead and
>stationary, _T._rex_ cannot see it.

there's a bit in Lost World about this, about how Alan Grant was wrong and
that Rex would have to see still things in order to be an effective
predator. doesn't fix the movie performance, tho.... 

come to think of it, was there any mention in JP the book about t-rex not
seeing still things?

>    6)  Who in his or her right mind would design a security system that
>opens all the gates and things when the power goes down?  We don't have
>escapes in zoos and theme parks every time there is a brownout.

that was a little bug by Nedry; it allowed him access to any area of the
park when the power went out.

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