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More on JP

Hello all,

I realize the JP discussion is winding down but yesterday I came across an
article of exactly the same topic of errors in the movie and their relative
importance. The May 96 issue of _American Paleontologist_ (vol 2, numb 2)
actually has two articles on the subject, one by a paleontologist (forgot the
name, sorry) and the other by teachers who had used JP (and finding its
errors) as the center of an Earth science lesson plan. 

Most of the errors listed have already been mentioned here, but I learned of
some new ones, too. For instance, some observant person noticed that the
microscope is set up backwards in the trailer in Montana. On a more dinosaur
oriented note, the author observes that pile of Triceratops dung is much too
large--the pile is about 2m high but the anus of the Triceratops is about 1m!
Also, the improbable behavior of the Velociraptors attacking the T Rex was
mentioned. Similarly, it was pointed out that even if the dilophosaur had a
frill it would not make sense to use it to intimidate prey, rather, it would
be used in intraspecific competion or protection--not to scare away its next

Well, those caught my eye, but check out the article for a good summary of
what we've recently been talking about here.