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With regard to the inability of the Jurassic Park T. rex to see the humans
when they stood still:

I don't recall if it is discussed in the movie, but I recall reading in the
book that the dinosaur DNA was incomplete and had to be patched.  The
geneticists used frog DNA ( I don't know why they chose frog) and it is a
fact that the visual data-processing area of the frog brain is stimulated
when an object (presumably a fly) moves across the visual field,
  Stationary objects do not stimulate.   So, in a clever way, the
paleontologist exploited this property of the T. rex's hybrid visual field
by standing absolutely still.  I thought this was a clever ploy in the
"human vs dinosaur" battle waged in the story.  It also led to a very
dramatic moment when the T. rex put his snout to within only a few feet  of
the people.  A new twist on the advice we hear about not turning your back
on an angry dog or an aggressive  bear.

Perhaps someone who has seen the movie more than once knows if the
paleontologist knew about the frog DNA.   If he didn't then the whole scene
is obviously not very "realistic" - and deserves to be bashed for its
scientific content (though it was still pretty exciting, but unfortunately,
lacks that certain element of cleverness).