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Re: Nouvelle ere de la Paleontologie - Non!

On 7/29/96 GSP1954@aol.com wrote:

>As for our Lazarus Man's proposed journey to dinosaur times, will he
>report >back to us?

Well, I just got back from the Mesozoic and you'll never guess who I ran
into. Bob Bakker! He was kind of floating around with his notepad. Seems he
already knew about remote viewing and everything we read in Raptor Red is
true! (joke, sorry I couldn't resist)

Seriously though, I actually did just get back from the Mesozoic (sort of).
I was on Jurassic Park the ride yesterday. It was pretty cool but... the
Stego head was far too big. The Stego in general was great other than than.
It's a really well articulated robot - actually looks kinda real. They have
it amongst some trees and bushes and those plates do kinds look like a good
camouflage in that setting. They had some Psittacosaurus's, compy's, a bad
Brach (way too small and wallowing in the water just like the bad ole
days), One veloci/Utahraptor whatever, 2 T-Rexes (which were the best
part). The last one is very antagonistic! There was no Dilophosaurus.
Apparently it's been spitting hydrolic fluid and is under repair (No joke).
I understand there will be more dinos added as time goes on. I hope so,
there were not enough dinosaurs on their dinosaur ride...

S. Lazarus