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Re: New Bashing

On Mon, 29 Jul 1996 jbmiller@fn.net wrote:

> Not to interfere with the petty bashing of Jurassic Park or anything, but
> here's a quick question:

Petty bashing? We are just gabbing here- everyone so far likes the MOVIE,
but we can't help poking at the errors. Sort of like watching a monster
movie- you can have fun watching it, but you can still have fun pointing
out the zipper in the back of the monster suit!

> why does everyone hate Bakker.

Who hates him? Quite a number of people dislike his techniques and
flambouancy, and heatedly disagree with him.

Personally I think we are better off with a few Bakkers. It's good to
shake the hive now and then. I think there are better scientists, however,
and most of what Bakker is credited for is actually other's works.
(Ostrom, etc.). However, the squeaky wheel...

In conclusion, the reactions of others TO Bakker really amuse me. Bakker
himself is just a guy with good and bad points, good and bad ideas, etc.
and a really big mouth!