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Re: JP

Douglas K McLemore wrote:

> Richard's comments are interesting on the reason why T-rex's vision would 
> be based on movement, but I don't believe that is how either the book or 
> the movie explain it.  In both, very near the beginning, Dr Grant 
> mentions the visual acuity of T-rex is based on movement....  Remeber in 
> the movie when he was scaring the kid with the story of the Raptors...  
> This came before they even knew about the island.  

I think that's how the book explains it- I remember a big section talking
about frog vision. Maybe you found a glich in the plot.

Now, why would a Deinoraptor (I like that, whoever I stole it from!)
differ so much from the rex as far as vision goes? Why would one theropod
"naturally" have frog sight and the other not? (Especially if the more
archaic one can see better!).

I could see it explained as Deinoraptors not having that frog gene.