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Re: JP - Frog DNA

In a message dated 96-07-30 19:18:21 EDT, George Olshevsky wrote:

> Birds are also archosaurs, and more closely related to all dinosaurs
> than are any crocs. The crocs (and other thecodontians) diverged
> from the dino-bird lineage earlier than the various dinosaur
> groups.

I should have added the disclaimer "unless you believe the birds came first'

[In the hope of ending this thread, let me add on George's behalf that
 acceptance of George's BCF idea is irrelevant to the point George
 made.  Tom, how many people can you name who (irrespective of their
 position re BCF) have examined the evidence and still think that
 crocodiles are more closely related to dinosaurs than are birds? --
 MR ]