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Thanks to everyone who supplied me information for my speech.  I got a B.
And while I'm on the topic.... about a year ago I did a huge term paper on
Paleontology, which I absolutly could not have done with out this list.  I
can't remember if I sent thank-yous or not.  So thanks to everyone!!!  And
to those of you who weren't listening when I said I didn't want to start
ANOTHER argument, well, I just hope that you don't have digest form.  :)


Sabrina Cox   
SCox@lnd.com   http://www.lnd.com/sabrina/sabrina.htm
Online Editor, College of Lake County's  CHRONICLE 
"When I look back at all the crap        Let me know if you don't recieve this.
I learned in high school; it's a           
wonder I can think at all."                    
-Paul Simon