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Re: News Flash: Ungulates and Dinosaurs Together 80 million Years Ago (fwd)

According to an AP news wire (courtesy of Darren Naish):


> > In his study, Archibald said that rat-sized tooth fossils recovered
> > from the Bissekty Formation in Uzbekistan resemble the shape and
> > characteristics of teeth found in animals that lived millions of
> > years later. The teeth had the flat, squared grinding surfaces
> > similar to what is found now in the teeth of herbivores. Archibald
> > said that fossils from 65 million years ago show that the diversity
> > of ungulates then alive led to eventual development of animals as
> > varied as antelopes, whales and elephants.

   ok, but-um- I seem to remember a NOVA special on genetics that
discussed how the cow's stomach (what makes a cow an ungulate) was
developed to process grasses into more easily digestable stuff for the
animal's system to cope with, ONLY GRASSES WEREN"T AROUND AT THE TIME
if these are 'ungulate' teeth, right?
   So, what were these animals eating that would account for grazer's
teeth?  Wouldn't that sort of teeth seem to indicate (by the meager
understanding of ungulates that I have) that these animals chewed a
cud?  Isn't that a rather advanced characteristic?

-Betty Cunningham