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Is Mononykus a bird?

A new paper by Zhou questions whether or not _Mononykus_ is a bird.  The
abstract reads:

"The avian status of _Mononykus_ is refuted in this paper through a
detailed analysis of its supposed avian characters.  An extensive
comparison between it and fossorial mammals (especially moles), as well as
various bipedal archosaurs, indicates that some of its resemblances to
extant birds are digging adaptions.  Most of the others can be explained
either by its digging adaption or by its obligatory bipedalism.  In
addition, many of its features, as compared with birds (including
_Archaeopteryx_), seem to be too primitive for avian flight and there is no
evidence indicating that the absence of flight in _Mononykus_ was
secondarily lost."

Zhou Zhonghe (1996) Is Mononykus a bird? The Auk, 112(4): 958-963


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