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Royal Tyrrell and The Dinosaur Folios

Back from a week of travel; saw both the Royal Tyrrell (again - thanks
for your time, Darren - hope you met your deadline!) and the field
station (first visit - very impressed by the beautiful skeletal mount
of a Lambeosaurus being taken down by four Dromaeosaurus).

New at the Royal Tyrrell since my first visit were some great
fiberglass reconstructions in front. There's a juvenile Albertosaurus
chasing a couple of Struthiomimus across the marble slabs. Very
active, lifelike poses, each runner frozen on one leg. On the other
side of the entranceway, two adult ceratopsians watch while a baby
hides behind them. I *think* they are supposed to be Pachyrhinosaurus,
restored with a double nose horn where we just see a horn boss in the
skulls we have.

And when I got back, I found the first installment of Dinogeorge's
DINOSAUR FOLIOS waiting for me. I am delighted! The content is every
bit as good as I had expected, and the physical presentation is much
better. For some reason, I'd expected typescript. This material is
nicely laid out, typeset, and clearly illustrated.

All in all, I would recommend that anyone who has been the least
tempted by George's "prospectus" look at the first folio -- this may
be something you are looking for.

The only suggestion I would make: I think the "footer" line at the
bottom of each page should contain the original publication date and
the revision date, if any.  That would make this even more useful and
easy to manage.

Two thumbs up, George!

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