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Re: Megalosaurs

G'day Adam.

Nice to hear from a fellow Aussie.  (Or at least someone who resides 
in Australia)

> Marshosaurus certainly is not, it is fairly clearly an avetheropod
> either a carnosaur or a basal avetheropod. I think it is probably a
> sinraptorid carnosaur because it has (I think, though i'll have to
> drag out the description to make sure) two openings to the maxillary
> sinus within the antorbital fossa.
What do you define as an "avetheropod" - is it equivalent to Paul
Sereno's Neotetanurae (Allosauroidea+Coelurosauria)?

Also, I heard from someone that a partial skull of Marshosaurus had
been discovered which confirmed its megalosaur affinities.  Is this
what you're referring to when you mention the maxilla?

See ya!