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Re: DINOSAUR digest 1045

John Bois wrote:

lots of stuff deleted....

> [some stuff about vulnerable nest sites (sorry, deleted this bit)]

Herding herbivores (ie seasonally migrating) tend to return to the
same place each season to give birth; indeed, the predators
practically form a queue. Same applies to such beasties as seals/sea
lions and whales. That's the problem of being a migrating
_anything_. Your movements can be "predicted".

> could do neither.  Altricial mammal babies could cling to mummy's
> fur, or mummy could move baby by the scruff of its neck.  A
> dinosaur trying this tactic would have scrambled babies.  Mammals

This is not even reasonable speculation: cocodiles (4-5m long, say, in
a really good specimen) are perfectly capable of individually picking
up 6" babies with their teeth, while keeping a couple of dozen others
unharmed in their jaws. I see no reason (if you are speculating) why
dinosaurs (given the right anatomy) would not be capable of the same
kind of protection.