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new refs.

Here are a few new ones...

JT National geographic.
DA JUN 01 1996 v 189 n 6
PG  106
AU Sereno, Paul C.
TI Africa's Dinosaur Castaways.
SU In the Sahara a predator as large as Tyrannosaurus rex emerges from 
the sand.

JT Radiology.
DA JUN 01 1996 v 199 n 3
PG  760
TI Dinosaur Eggs

JT Canadian journal of earth sciences.  journal can
DA APR 01 1996 v 33 n 4
PG  511
AU Johnston, Paul A.
AU Eberth, D.A.
AU Anderson, Paul K.
TI Alleged vertebrate eggs from Upper Cretaceous redbeds, Gobi Desert, 
are fossil insect (Coleoptera) pupal chambers: Fictovichnus new 

JT Astronomy.
DA JUL 01 1996 v 24 n 7
PG   25
TI Astro News.
SU Fragment from the K/T Impact?

JT Science.
DA MAY 24 1996 v 272 n 5265
PG 1155
AU Wignall, P.B.
AU Twitchett, R.J.
TI Oceanic Anoxia and the End Permian Mass Extinction