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Re: Eustreptospondylus

In a message dated 96-06-03 04:44:35 EDT, zooamy@zoo.latrobe.edu.au
(Adam Yates) writes:

>Don't forget that the putative Megalosaurid sister group,
>Afrovenator, also has a maxillary fenestra.

No way, with that lacrimal and that obturator flange, that
_Afrovenator_ is a megalosaur. I put it in the Carnosauria, as a
sister group to Allosauroidea (which, for me, includes:
_Cryolophosaurus_ [probably closest to Allosauridae];

Allosauridae [_Allosaurus_, _Saurophaganax_, _Giganotosaurus_,
?_Chilantaisaurus_, and probably new stuff from England and France];

Sinraptoridae [_Sinraptor_, _Yangchuanosaurus_, _Szechuanosaurus_,
_Metriacanthosaurus_, ?_Gasosaurus_/_Kaijiangosaurus_, and

and Carcharodontosauridae [_Acrocanthosaurus_, _Bahariasaurus_,

Another two cents.

Nick Pharris
Olympia, WA