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Re: Royal Tyrrell and The Dinosaur Folios

In a message dated 96-06-03 11:13:03 EDT, sj@io.com (Steve Jackson) writes:

>And when I got back, I found the first installment of Dinogeorge's
>DINOSAUR FOLIOS waiting for me. I am delighted! The content is every
>bit as good as I had expected, and the physical presentation is much
>better. For some reason, I'd expected typescript. This material is
>nicely laid out, typeset, and clearly illustrated.
>All in all, I would recommend that anyone who has been the least
>tempted by George's "prospectus" look at the first folio -- this may
>be something you are looking for.
>The only suggestion I would make: I think the "footer" line at the
>bottom of each page should contain the original publication date and
>the revision date, if any.  That would make this even more useful and
>easy to manage.
>Two thumbs up, George!

I can use all the good reviews I can find. Thanks for the
suggestions. I'll probably keep doing the footers the way they are
now, however; otherwise they could get too crowded. Revisions to
earlier Folios will be included in later Folios as needed. This leaves
the little problem of what to do with the earlier version once the
revision is finished. If an entry in Folios #1 is revised in Folios
#5, for example, is it fair to replace the old entry with the revised
entry for anyone who thereafter orders Folios #1? Or should everyone
who orders Folios #1 always receive the same product, which would
leave it up to the customer to decide whether to discard the old
entry?  Keeping track of revisions could get somewhat knotty after,
say, 80 or 90 Folios installments have appeared!

And speaking of revisions, I've already started a new file for
_Giganotosaurus_, about which the _Science_ article by Sereno et
al. had much of interest to add. For example, there is now good reason
to include _Giganotosaurus_ in the family Carcharodontosauridae
(recently revived by Rauhut) rather than simply classifying it as
Theropoda and Carnosauria incertae sedis. But I won't produce the
updated _Giganotosaurus_ entry until someone publishes a
reconstruction of the skull based on all available
material. Considerably more skull material has now been prepared than
appears in the skull reconstruction in the Folios, and I'd like to get
that illustration updated.

Here are the three references I've added to the _Giganotosaurus_

Currie, P. J., 1996. "Out of Africa: Meat-Eating Dinosaurs That
Challenge Tyrannosaurus rex," Science 272(5264): 971-972 [May 17,

Rauhut, O. W. M., 1995. "Zur systematischen Stellung der afrikanischen
Theropoden Carcharodontosaurus Stromer 1931 und Bahariasaurus Stromer
1934," Berliner geowissenschaftliche Abhandlungen E16
(Gundolf-Ernst-Festschrift): 357-375.

Sereno, P. C., Dutheil, D. B., Iarochene, M., Larsson, H. C. E., Lyon,
G. H., Magwene, P. M., Sidor, C. A., Varricchio, D. J. & Wilson,
J. A., 1996.  "Predatory Dinosaurs from the Sahara and Late Cretaceous
Faunal Differentiation," Science 272(5264): 986-991 [May 17, 1996].