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Carnosaurs and friends (was Re: Eustreptospondylus)

Nick Pharris says:
> No way, with that lacrimal and that obturator flange, that
> _Afrovenator_ is a megalosaur. I put it in the Carnosauria, as a
> sister group to Allosauroidea (which, for me, includes:
> _Cryolophosaurus_ [probably closest to Allosauridae];

I don't like the name "Carnosauria".  Since it was first coined (?by
Huene) I think it's essentially been redefined out of existence.  For
the clade including _Allosaurus_, _Sinraptor_, _Yangchuanosaurus_,
_Acrocanthosaurus_ etc I would name "Allosauria".  I would retain the
term Carnosauria only for convenience - as a paraphyletic group
embracing the Megalosauria and Allosauria.

Nick says:

> Allosauridae [_Allosaurus_, _Saurophaganax_, _Giganotosaurus_,
> ?_Chilantaisaurus_, and probably new stuff from England and France];

I like _Chilantaisaurus_ better as a megalosaur.  (I'm not even sure 
if _C. tashuikoensis_ and _C. maortuensis_ belong to the same genus)

Nick says:

> Sinraptoridae [_Sinraptor_, _Yangchuanosaurus_, _Szechuanosaurus_,
> _Metriacanthosaurus_, ?_Gasosaurus_/_Kaijiangosaurus_, and
> ?_Marshosaurus_];

Could _Szechuanosaurus_ be an allosaurid?
I'm glad you mentioned _Gaso_ and _Kaijiango_, Nick.  What is the 
situation with these too - are they same?  And are they sinraptorids?

> and Carcharodontosauridae [_Acrocanthosaurus_, _Bahariasaurus_,
> _Carcharodontosaurus_]).

_Bahariasaurus_ and _Deltadromeus_ are probably basal coelurosaurs - 
the paper by Paul Sereno (and his small army of co-authors) on 
_Carcharodontosaurus_ established this quite well.  Their closest 
relative may be _Dryptosaurus_.