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Re: dinosaurs and the media

Wish I could be there.
In answer to question #2.
I have no problem with the publicity dinosaurs get in the media. 
Without dinosaurs in the popular media I would not have aquired my
lifetime passion for paleo.  I learned to read on dinosaur books and
since then my interest in all things paleontological has been
unswerving.  It is perfectly understandable why big creatures with long
necks, nasty horns or sharp teeth grab more attention from those
covering such things than say clams or even (dare I say it?)
nannoplankton.  Additionally I don't see many of my colleagues beating
down the doors of publishers with nannofossil articles.  
That said I do have one pet peeve.  That is the popular notion that the
K/T boundary is marked only by the extinction of the dinosaurs.  The
media needs to get it straight, gradual or instantaneously there was
some kind of general holocost at that time and dinosaurs were just a
small part of it.  Some new virus or egg devouring beasties just won't
cut it as an explanation.  This is perpetuated by Bakker (the media's
paleo main squeeze) who seems to be myopic on this point.
I would like to see the tool of biostratigraphy get more attention in
press releases about oil and gas discoveries.  There is a
paleontologist lurking behind just about every good seismic
interpretation but all I read is 3D seismic! 3D seismic!...
I digress...just gets me all worked up...
Anyway after spending my entire (so far) professional career working
for "The Cause" I can not begrudge the dinosaur folks their spotlight.
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